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How work from home can take a toll on mental health and ways to help stay sane!

The covid-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles in various ways. One of the major change has been in the working pattern of corporate industries. At the start of pandemic we were all happy with this change. However with time we got to know the drawbacks and the negative impacts as well.

Let’s have a quick look on how we can manage work from home efficiently:

Clear communication about workload distribution at home. – When being at home make sure the company with you respects your workspace. Having someone at home can also help you efficiently plan the household chores sharing few responsibilities with them.

Don’t skip breaks. – Working from home can also happen to lure you to get work done at once making you skip breaks. Make sure to stick to work timings and take proper and timely breaks.

Manage Flexible work timings with prior preparation. – For individuals working in rotational shifts, being at home can tend to slow you down. Make extra food so that you do not skip meals.

Proper eat and sleep schedule. – Make sure to make a routine and stick to eat. Being at home can make you lazy and stay awake extra hours thus effecting your sleep cycle. Prepare a proper sleep cycle and abide to it so it does not tire you to an extend that your productivity decreases.

Speak up when the workload is unmanageable. – In case the workload is too much to manage convey your message to your seniors. Do not burden up yourself with extra workload making you irritated. Unable to manage workload can also let you have negative thoughts thus disturbing your mental peace.

Also, with negative impacts their also comes a ray of hope. You can utilize the extra time you save in travel and free time by investing it to get perks:

  1. Pick up the hobby you always loved to do in your free time. Get that coloring book you always loved to fill colors in.
  2. Pursue your passion, pick up the guitar you always wanted to learn. With boom in internet market it has made it easier to get free resources accessible thus making it easy to learn from home.
  3. Spending more time with people you love can help you stay happy and positive. Use this time to bond with them. Know their stories, secrets or in general how they feel. Just being there for someone can help you and them with a sense of emotional security.
  4. Utilize the free time you get to gain monetary gain. Start freelancing. With this, You can make some extra money and get updated with the new trends in your market.
  5. Upskill yourself. Do extra courses and get more knowledge thus improving your knowledge base.
  6. Apart from freelancing, you can also start a home business. With your family at rescue you can start something everyone always enjoyed that can help you earn as well.
  7. Saving money on the extra expenses you did while on breaks in your office. These little savings can help you in the long run.

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