vereigen media

Welcome to Vereigen Media, a dynamic force shaping the landscape of B2B lead generation

With a unique approach to customer interactions. Our mission, to redefine customer journeys and B2B demand performance through digital content engagement and intelligence workflows during a relevant and inobtrusive user experience. 

Rooted in the fusion of Greek and Dutch languages, the essence of Vereigen Media is captured in the term ‘Verei,’ meaning ‘require/demand.’ Simply put; we are Demand Gen Media, aligning our purpose with the ever-evolving demands of the B2B space. 

In the challenging realm of B2B Demand, we believe in the power of perseverance, teamwork, and a positive ownership mentality. To embody these principles, we have chosen Medusa, an ancient symbol representing protection, warding off negative energy, and the pursuit of victory. 


Our journey began in 2016

with Founders, Anuj and Ameya united by a vision: to provide exceptional marketing and sales support to B2B tech organizations with measurable results and seamless collaboration.

Today, we proudly support hundreds of top B2B brands with a dedicated team exceeding 300 members. Our focus remains direct, addressing challenges faced by Leading Tech Brands, B2B Agencies, Publishing Houses, and Emerging Brands. 

At Vereigen Media, we view content engagement as a crucial step in the customer acquisition process. By seamlessly integrating actionable data, a frictionless digital process, and a people-centric approach, we pave the way for great brands to connect, engage, and thrive in the ever-evolving B2B landscape, ensuring every prospect interaction counts. 

Our commitment to delivering exemplary B2B marketing and sales support remains unwavering. Join us in shaping the future of B2B interactions, where promises of measurable results and seamless collaboration are not just words, but a commitment upheld every day by the Vereigen Media family.