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PERFORMANCE-BASED Marketing Programs that drive results

  • Account Based Content Syndication
  • Performance Media
  • Event Registration

Vereigen Media has the data required to drive the engagement you need with the budget you have.

performance based marketing programs
smart funnel

Get S.M.A.R.T. about lead Acquisition

Simplification of Marketing Activities and Response Technology Account Based Marketing (or SMART ABM) is the most effective way for B2B companies to convert leads into sales!

Sales and marketing teams can control their account-based marketing programs with precision by prioritization of target account lists, Intent data attachments, built-in campaign activation, purchase intent ratings, and dynamic intent reporting.

Create an Impactful Digital experience

Generate leads, drive brand awareness, and promote content and events to highly qualified leads.

Start with your target market and layer on your ideal customer profile then optimize your buyer journey with organized delivery of relevant content within your target persona’s daily workflow.

Vereigen Media provides actionable data, a prescriptive process, and collaborative enablement to help you reach your demand generation goals through marketing outreach programs.