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What’s new in B2B marketing this year (2023) 


With the rapid advancement of technology, businesses are modifying their approaches to marketing. Discover what’s new in B2B marketing for this year. 

B2B marketing is changing swiftly, and each year brings new trends and strategies that help businesses reach and engage with their target audience. Post-pandemic marketers are observing a change in marketing techniques and approaches. Business entities are using tech solutions to advance in global dynamics, attract new consumers, and retain their existing consumer base.  

In this era of millennials, companies need to deal with rapidly changing and swift decision-making audiences. In the last two years, B2B entities have been experiencing unprecedented changes in the global marketing ecosystem. As we move into 2023, several trends are expected to impact B2B marketing significantly. 

Marketers know that B2B companies mainly engage with businesses actively present on various digital platforms. Increased Social media consumption of B2B and B2C entities pushes business entities to spend more on digital marketing. Adopting and implementing cutting-edge technologies like AI chatbots, RPA, Machine learning, Deep learning, VR/AR, et cetera. 

It is helpful for B2B companies to stand among the competitors, create brand positioning, and understand brand persona and target market. Because around 43% of B2B companies are unclear on their brand-building strategy, businesses must emphasize building a brand and creating a brand tone.  

Strategies that can make a difference in B2B Marketing 

1) ABM 

One of the biggest trends in B2B marketing this year is the continued shift towards an account-based marketing (ABM) approach. This strategy involves targeting specific high-value accounts rather than broad groups of leads. By focusing on a smaller number of key accounts, businesses can create personalized, highly-effective marketing campaigns that are more likely to convert. 

2) VR/AR 

Virtual and augmented reality are crucial once used in B2B marketing, which is another trend likely to grow in 2023. This technology can be used to create immersive, interactive experiences that help engage potential customers and showcase products and services more compellingly. Including more visually friendly and realistic content could lead to revenue generation.  

3) Data Analytics 

Data and analytics will also play a significant role in B2B marketing this year. Businesses are collecting more data than ever before and using it to make marketing campaigns that are very specific to the needs and interests of their target audience. Data mining through various digital platforms and using big data are some ways to extract essential data. 

4) Social Media 

Social media and content marketing will continue to be important in B2B marketing. Businesses use social media platforms to reach and engage with potential customers through LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Communicating through Email, visual content, and podcast creation with high-quality, informative content helps establish their brand as a thought leader in their industry. 

5) AI & ML 

Using chatbots based on artificial intelligence technology can be practical in creating an engaged consumer base. AI & ML are helpful to improve CX/UX and is a widely adopted strategy where it helps identify the needs of your prospects and provide them with more personalized solutions.  

6) Buyers Intent Data 

hyper-personalized B2B Marketing techniques are beneficial for B2B entities, and they must focus on buying behaviors and patterns of prospects. In these scenarios, if business entities emphasize intent data, then marketers have more chances to convert them into genuine buyers and close the deals.  

7) Influencer Marketing 

Marketers are observing that there is more consumption of visual content than written content. So B2B entities focus on video content creators to influence an audience and create brand authority. By producing audience-engaging visual content by integrating influencers. Onboarding influencers into businesses’ marketing strategies, like YouTube and Instagram influencers, are fueling business growth. 

8) Transmission Channels 

Marketers must use the proper channels and establish communication with potential prospects. Effective communication is helpful for B2B marketers to put their prospects at the center of everything. Ensuring all messages are compelling, personally relevant, and receivable at the right time. Professional websites like LinkedIn, YouTube, or podcasts are excellent examples of using the appropriate email marketing campaigns.  

9) Collaborative Marketing 

Many startups operate in the B2B ecosystem and face the challenges of high competition in the market. When you work together on marketing activities with other businesses that are compatible with your company and serve comparable audiences, this practice is known as collaborative marketing. Here, small businesses can overcome this by collaborating and aligning their business with complementary business performers. 

10) Content Marketing 

Content creation and marketing are not going anywhere. Irrespective of content in writing, visuals, graphics, podcasts, infographics, and images, it will always be helpful for B2B marketers to sustain themselves in the market. Content is essential to generate leads and show an active presence of a business on various digital marketing platforms. Content marketing aims to attract, engage, and retain an audience to create brand awareness.  

Editor’s Note

As we move into 2023, it’s clear that B2B marketing is becoming increasingly data-driven, personalized, and technology-focused. Keep up with these above factors and use them in your B2B marketing strategy. Any strategy can be altered to suit the objectives and demands of the organization. Each element has advantages and disadvantages, and corporate entities must accept them based on how well they fit their particular field of work.

As a result, your company can reach and engage with its target audience and achieve more sales and revenue. Vereigen Media allows you personalized solutions to engage your potential prospects. Get in touch for advanced marketing solutions!

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