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Top 5 Trending Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Software 

In this competitive environment, companies are striving for successful sales closures. See how CRM tools are aiding businesses to achieve their sales goals.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps build connections and active engagement with customers. It aids businesses in the lead generation and nurturing process. Similarly, it allows B2B entities to generate revenue in the long run. CRM software is now a must-have for all businesses, no matter how big or small, because it helps them manage and analyze customer data & interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. Moreover, the software improves customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business profits. Here are some of the data showcasing worldwide revenue generation compared to the USA alone by using CRM software: 

For instance, a CRM (Salesforce, 2022) growth graph shows a steady increase in CRM software usage and revenue figures in millions across the globe from 2020 to projected values for 2026. Salesforce CRM software is just a sample to show the worldwide demand for CRM. There are multiple CRM software available in the market. 

How to choose CRM software?

Before choosing any CRM software for your business, you must consider the following components: Cost, Features, Installation, Integrations, and its suitability in a business. Moreover, decision-makers must see other aspects, such as monthly or yearly subscriptions per person, free trial, expected customer support, accessibility on mobile, and minimum seat requirements. 

      • Budget/Cost: Organizations must consider their budget before considering any CRM software and its cost tool on a monthly or yearly basis.  

      • Features:  Each software has pros and cons, so the firm must evaluate the suitability and potential integration capability of new software in light of all its characteristics. 

      • Assessment of Market: An organization must comprehend its industry type, business functioning, audience, presence in the market, and small/big/startup business.  

      • Decision Making: After analyzing all aspects of CRM software, including its customer support, usability, and required training, a purchase decision can be made. 

    Top 5 trending CRM software of 2023 

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps businesses manage interactions with customers and prospects. Here are the top 5 trending CRM software of 2023: 

    1) Salesforce: This cloud-based CRM is the most widely used and has many features, including sales automation, marketing automation, and customer service. 

    Key Highlights: 

        • AI-based, custom app development 

        • A Unique design and easy-to-adopt for IT, marketing, sales, and customer support  

        • Less time is required to learn this software, rapid deployment, and a substantial ROI  

        • Prices start from $25/user/month 

        • best for small businesses  

      2) Hubspot: Hubspot CRM offers a free version and includes features such as contact and lead management, email tracking, and customizable dashboards. 

      Key Highlights: 

          • Reporting dashboard with the best UX 

          • Contact deal and task management 

          • Email tracking and engagement notifications 

          • Best for integrations 

          • Prices start from $0 – $50/month 

        3) Pipedrive: This CRM focuses on sales pipeline management and includes features such as drag-and-drop deal management, email integration, and mobile app access. 

        Key Highlights: 

            • Visual sales pipeline 

            • Collaborate on deals and sales activities with colleagues 

            • AI-based platform 

            • Best for simplicity 

            • Prices start from $12/month 

          4) Zoho CRM: This cloud-based solution offers a wide range of features, including sales, marketing, and customer support, as well as integration with other Zoho products. 

          Key Highlights: 

              • A platform for custom solutions and integrations 

              • Dedicated programs for migration, deployment, and training 

              • Use of journey orchestration, AI, BI, and remote accessibility 

              • Best for startups 

              • Prices start from $0-$52/user/month 

            5) Freshsales: Freshsales CRM offers a range of features, including lead capture, contact management, and sales forecasting, all within a user-friendly interface. 

            Key Highlights: 

                • Best contact management software in the industry 

                • Useful to accelerate revenue growth with context-driven sales 

                • Offers solutions with less IT complexity & less cost  

                • Best for communications and lead management 

                • Prices start from $15-$70 per user/month 

              In the End

              CRM software has many benefits for your business, and you can improve your customer relationships and strengthen your consumer base. Whether you are a small business looking to increase efficiency or a large enterprise looking to understand your customers better, CRM software can help you achieve your business goals when choosing the best suitable CRM software.

              It’s essential to consider your business’s specific needs and integrations with other tools you already use. You can make a suitable CRM software purchasing decision by evaluating the above dimensions and free trials. We are happy to assist you in decision-making; Reach out to us today!

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