Solutions for
your B2B Strategy

Monetize intent data to drive sales acceleration.

Vereigen Media helps you capitalize the deepest possible and highly segmented intelligence, on your prospects, sought by tracing the most valuable bite of information in the Global market today, called Intent Data!


A Global Platform for Actionable Intent Data!

VMintent Engine provides insights you can't find anywhere else. VMintent is a Proprietary and First-Party Data engine that allows us to hyper-target and engage the right set of accounts that are active in the market.

VMintent is a progressive sales and marketing optimization solution that allows for efficient B2B Outbound Marketing Efforts. Our proprietary algorithm sifts through billions of signals and conversations, news articles, videos, content, and other public interactions to uncover specific intent data from specific customer segments. These signals enable smart outbound marketing campaigns that engage your prospects with the right message at the right time!

Account Based Marketing

VM SMART (Simplification of Marketing Activities and Response Technology) Account Based Marketing is the most effective way for B2B companies to convert leads into sales! With built-in features like prioritization of target account lists, Intent Data attachments, built-in campaign activation, purchase intent ratings, sales and marketing teams can now control their account-based marketing programs with precision.


Vereigen Media’s SMART ABM increases and accelerates conversion.

Vereigen Media’s SMART ABM is the biproduct of our actionable intelligence engine and allows us to optimize your ABM efforts by increasing the number of active accounts and removing those that are not currently displaying active behavior.

VM SMART ABM is integral to our digital-first approach as it allows us to create a smooth and relevant prospect experience. VM SMART ABM connects a huge web of accounts mapped to validated contact data.

Tech Stack

The validity of a prospect is directly proportional to the consumption & actual usability of your products/services. Have you wondered, how great an outcome it would be if you were able to pitch your assets to a list of prospects that are current users of similar products/services by your competitors? Wouldn't that be worth investing? Indeed it would! That is what VM SMART TSM or Install based Marketing brings to you on a Global Stage.


Is your solution dependent on Tech Stack?

VM SMART Installed Base targeting allows for a more granular approach when it matters most. Better understand the environment of your ideal prospects and provide your teams additional insight for a cleaner prospect experience and optimized messaging strategy.

VM SMART TSM helps to reduce cost, increase conversion, and impress your ideal prospects with relevant messaging and follow up content that will lead to quicker conversations!