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Learn with us: Intent-Data benefits for Enterprises

Marketers can utilize intent data to connect multiple aspects of a user’s online activity to acquire a better understanding of the relationship between intentions, topic searches, and purchases. Traditional forms of profile and behavioral data cannot provide you with the same level of insight as this category of data. Intent data is an attempt to link the topics that a user searches and engages with to the context of their problem. Off-site publishers and search engines, as well as on-site activities, are used to collect data.

Marketers, for example, want to know what kinds of key phrases company customers in different job functions use when researching a problem. This intent is determined by putting together searches and content ingested to determine the context in which a person uses searches to find the information they seek.

Why Intent Data Really Matters for Enterprises

One of the most important advantages of intent data is the ability to more clearly relate data to marketing programs. Without these integrated inputs, the insight into how online customers think and act is more obvious.

Higher Efficient Prospecting

Your sales team will be able to tell which internet searchers are just looking for information and which have a genuine and active desire to discover a solution. Sales reps waste fewer calls by identifying qualified leads more accurately than traditional lead scoring models can.

Advanced Lead Prioritization

Leads can be categorized into multiple levels based on their potential fit for specific products and services using first-party intent data. B2B marketers and sales professionals may more quickly discern between low-potential leads and prospective clients by leveraging intent data in this way.

Ideal Predictive Functioning

In contrast to manual lead scoring, intent data enables you to better predict the path a prospect will follow to make a purchase. You can align your content marketing tactics and on-site experiences with predictive power.

Final Thoughts

B2B marketers are on the verge of solving a long-standing marketing problem by incorporating intent data into their technology stacks: how to reach out to the right client at the right time with the appropriate message. Intent data can also make your sales team’s job a lot easier. As more B2B organizations adopt this new b2b marketing strategy, intent data is going to become a need for conducting business online. As a result, the sooner you begin using it, the better your organization will be prepared for the future.

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