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How ABM helps create a successful lead generation program

Account-based marketing, also known as ABM, is focused marketing in B2B marketing. It helps you refine the audience based on various factors. Consider creating a campaign targeting IT Managers for a product-based company. If the reach is filtered based on the revenue, employee size, or even the industry, you still get a hell lot of companies. 

You need to sort companies that may be interested in the product the client is offering. This increases the time you invest in sorting companies that could have been utilized for a much better purpose. You get results, however, the time invested here is comparatively much higher.

The time invested could have been saved if you already had a target company list. You know, the leads generated here will be from a group of audiences actually interested in your product.

How ABM impacts Lead Generation Industry?

If you have worked on Lead Generation campaigns, you must be aware of how reaching a target audience plays a vital role. ABM considers three main categories: targeting, engagement, and measurement.

Targeting the right accounts: ABM gets you access to technologies and can target and manage accounts that are worth your time and will result in the highest ROI. This also gives you access to centralize targeting and managing in one place. The target account list is created considering various factors, however, mostly focused on high returns, territory, revenue, product interest.

Engagement across channels: You can design and run the personalized campaigns on a single platform for multiple channels, reducing the need to manage them individually. Thus, you can run cross-campaigns at ease, and deliver comprehensive, target-driven results.

Measurable results: Your strategy needs to be measurable, so you can calculate success over time, and have an idea about the scope for improvement. This requires creating a dashboard that helps to analyze in one place.

ABM helps you create an optimized plan where, on a single platform, you create multiple campaigns and manage them, resulting in refined results. With increased ROI you create a much successful campaign as compared to non-ABM campaigns, which meet your short-term marketing goal and long-term revenue growth.

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