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Five techniques to consider while Defining and Analysing an account score

There’s nothing more frustrating than being surprised when a prospect gets cold or feeling helpless because your marketing and sales teams have no idea where a particular high-quality account is in the sales funnel. Are you considering competitors? Is your product or service consistent? On your internal radar, How exactly are you interested in your overall content?

This is common with longer buying cycles, and especially with account-based marketing campaigns. Fortunately, there is a solution that solves every problem imaginable in tracking and interacting with target accounts from point A (knowledge) to point B (sales): account scoring.

If you’re a B2B marketer who stays away from analysis and operations, listen carefully. An intent data provider (like Tech Target, 6Sense or Bomber) takes the data about what the target is looking for and consuming and passes it on, so you can learn more about what your target audience wants and needs. It also helps you identify potential customers who are interested in your offering, but who do not yet know that you are in the industry or in the market.

You simply need to know who is on your website and what they are consuming. In particular, the page views on the website are aggregated ratings based on how much interest is shown in the content and pages of your website. For example, product pages have a higher score than news articles; Resource pages and “About Us” pages also show an interest in and receive reviews. Other factors that can affect the page view rating on the site are the time it was viewed, and the time spent on it.

Once a target is on your site, it begins to interact with what it finds. Here you have to set a different score through action, either a CTA click, the download of PDF, ROI computer or formulae prevention. A download case study shows, for example, a higher intention than to register for a bulletin you want to filter on something, make sure it’s
properly tagged in the URL.

A content score shows how an account interacts with content syndication. Has a white paper been downloaded? Give this action a score. Didn’t the account even open the case study that was sent to you? No dice. At the end of the day, the content rating will tell you exactly how effective the content you’ve created is for pushing a goal down the funnel. 

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