Key Account Management: Maximizing Customer Relationships

Organizations that are keen on maximizing the value of their relationships with their most valuable prospects must incorporate a key account management strategy.  Key account management is a business strategy that aims to get the most out of the relationships between a company and its most important customers. By focusing on these key accounts, businesses […]

Optimizing Sales Cycles with higher value comes with expectations!

Todd Forsyth, chief marketing officer of Merits Technologies and former senior vice president of digital marketing at Dell, was at his best when he said, “To focus on the customer and deliver a personalized experience, you need to leverage all aspects of marketing collectively in a single approach.

Increase your Customer Experience on the path from ABM to ABX

How do we get from account-based marketing (ABM) to an account-based experience (ABX)?  By using intent data, B2B marketers can drive higher levels of account engagement when ABM creates an ABX.  Accurate, easy to understand information is key when creating a data-driven experience. This strategy helps drive the message and content you’re delivering to meet […]