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ABM or Demand Gen, which is the smarter choice in 2023? 


B2B buying behavior is driven by marketers who are actively emphasizing the lead gen. How are ABM and demand generation advancing marketers in the B2B space? 

ABM (account-based marketing) and demand generation are two popular ways to find and connect with potential customers. Both marketing strategies are helpful for businesses to generate leads and ultimately increase revenue. However, they are distinct approaches with different goals and tactics. Both have their advantages and are suitable for different types of businesses. 

In this blog, you will explore the smarter choice between ABM and Demand generation. Discover the specifics of ABM and Demand gen, including their differences and benefits! 

What is ABM? 

ABM is a highly targeted approach focusing on specific accounts or industries rather than a broad audience. Account-based marketing (ABM) aims to develop targeted marketing programs unique to individual prospects to make a sale and close the deal. ABM approach benefits B2B business entities with a limited number of high-value accounts. 

What is Demand Gen? 

Demand generation is a broader approach compared to ABM. It aims to increase brand awareness and interest in a company’s products or services. Demand gen generates a steady stream of leads that can be nurtured and developed into customers. This approach is typically used by B2B and B2C companies with a wide range of products or services. 

Key Differences Between ABM and Demand Gen 


 1) Focuses on targeted accounts: Account-based marketing focuses on segments and specific accounts to maximize deal closure. The segmentation of the buying audience and the use of a personalized approach benefit business entities. 

2) Includes high-touch & targeted approach: ABM offers a targeted approach toward its potential audience and narrows down its prospects list. Focusing on high touch points with audiences with buying intent pushes marketers to manage sales cycles.  

3) Uses “land and expand” strategy: land and expand starts when an organization gets small contracts and post that contract, it builds its trust in the market to get bigger contracts. It showcases how an organization has grown post-landing and increased its profit margins.  

4) More engagement with the audience: ABM allows more targeted groups where an organization can approach its audience directly. When it puts forward its efforts to identify buyers’ behavior and provides them with tailored solutions leads to more engagement with the audience.  

5) Aligned with sales & marketing efforts: Rather than focusing on only leads segmentation but requires similar efforts from the sales and marketing team to convert leads into deal closure. Such actions will help business entities to generate revenue growth. 

Demand Gen

1) Attracts & uses scored leads:

Demand generation attracts potential leads in the marketing funnel. Use of scored lead help in more engagement and, ultimately, in the revenue growth of a business. Scored leads are prospects with higher possibilities of making a purchasing decision. 

2) Promotes brand awareness, content & events:

Demand generation is practical while promoting the brand and creating brand awareness in the market. Moreover, it aids in pitching events and content relevant to products or services in the B2B sector. 

3) Useful in GTM strategy:

Before launching go to market strategy (GTM) for any product or service in the market, demand generation helps create awareness. It Builds consumer awareness and encourages purchases among the public aids in preparation for the launch of new goods and services on the market. 

4) Includes lead capturing & nurturing:

Demand gen is not limited to creating new demand; it also includes capturing existing market demand and promoting it. Market-based needs must be captured and nurtured until a decision is made to purchase a specific product or service. 

5) Receives inputs from multiple channels:

Demand-gen marketing campaigns are run through multiple marketing channels. It includes promoting brand names, content, events, services, and products through email, social media, electronic media, and print media.

Advantages of ABM 

ABM is a targeted approach to marketing that focuses on a specific set of high-value accounts.  

It offers personalized and highly-relevant marketing campaigns that resonate with key decision-makers at these accounts.  

This approach is ideal for businesses that sell to a limited number of large and complex accounts. 

ABM allows businesses to create highly-personalized and relevant marketing campaigns. 

Tailored campaigns target specific needs and provide solutions for crucial decision-makers pain points. 

Targeting prospects increases conversion rates, sales cycles, and revenue growth. 

ABM can improve businesses’ relationships with key accounts and increase customer loyalty over time. 

Advantages of Demand Gen 

Demand gen is a broad marketing strategy that aims to make a lot of potential customers more aware of and interested in a product or service.  

The goal is to generate a large volume of leads that can be nurtured and qualified over time.  

This approach is ideal for businesses that sell to a wide range of customers and industries. 

Demand gen allows businesses to reach a large number of potential customers cost-effectively.  

It uses digital marketing channels such as social media, search engine marketing, and email marketing.  

Demand generation can help businesses identify new markets and customer segments they may have yet to consider. 

 Promoting content, events, and thought leadership helps to educate prospects and develop future business opportunities 

In the End 

In summary, ABM is a highly targeted approach focused on specific accounts, while demand generation is a broader approach focused on generating leads and increasing brand awareness. Therefore, both demand generation and ABM are effective marketing strategies that can help businesses attract and engage potential customers. The key is understanding your business’s unique needs and goals by adhering to choosing the best suitable strategy for your specific business situation. 

Organizations that use ABM or Demand Gen must focus on building their brand and connecting with their target audience through different marketing efforts. Partnering with Vereigen Media gives you a boost and paves the way for your marketing efforts in your business domain. Reach out to us for ABM and demand gen solutions!


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