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Approach to convert Long Leads into Big Gains

Convert Long Leads into Big Gains

Approach to convert Long Leads into Big Gains

Taking it from the Top of the Funnel Matters the Most: How to Win a Buy-in for It?


Most businesses reach a tipping point where investing at the top of the funnel is essential. Otherwise, maintaining market share is at stake.

Targeting keywords and audiences with the highest purchase intention will produce good results, assuming your before and after click experience is optimized. But what happens when you’ve exhausted all demand and maximized your share of the market, reaching the point of diminishing returns?

  • Why Top of Funnel Works
  • Defining Top-of-funnel Success
  • Identifying the decision makers is a key part of any consultative selling strategy!
  • 4 Tips for successful customers
  • Already Overwhelmed by the amount of advice available on how to set your SDR Sequences and Cadences!
  • Here’s a look at a 3 Level SDR chain of sequences
  • The Placebo effect – The Missing Piece To Qualifying Leads
  • Key takeaways : An Overview From The Top

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