VM Tech Properties

Like every incredible organization, we strive to hire the best

Our Approach

This is how we do it. Our typical customer engagement begins with a discovery exercise to understand your key challenges and weaknesses. Then we build a personalized strategy for you, focusing on the best marketing channels for your growth. Think of us as an extension of your existing team in both strategy and execution. This foundational model has established us as a highly progressive B2B Growth Marketing Enterprise.


We believe in innovating & evolving as a constant process

Innovate, Evolve, Implement is our mantra in the creation and support of marketing strategies in our conviction to continue to push the limits of B2B Revenue Operations.

Innovation gives us an indispensable competitive advantage. It drives us to better understanding of your target audience and workflows within your Go-To-Market Strategy. This gives us a strategic advantage when engineering the process, content, and messaging strategy for your campaigns.

The B2B Markets and buying processes are ever evolving. Continuing to deploy the same tactics won’t help you in achieving your growing goals. We are an extension of your team to help and support you in finding new, effective ways to support your Marketing and Sales teams.

Implementation is necessary. Our belief that no action is more harmful than an incorrect one, drives us to continuously optimize for performance and ROI. We work with you to make informed decisions around messaging, content, UX, and follow through activities to minimize friction in your ideal prospects total brand experience.

We believe in effort optimization; we believe in being SMART – Simplification of Marketing Activities and Response Technology

We justify your marketing efforts with clear and well-defined objectives when creating your B2B marketing strategy.

This is how we create the most effective launching pad for SMART marketing strategies that are primarily driven by financial data, product vs service characteristics, and logic. We are driven to master the B2B Math every day!


Validated and relevant data sets to ensure you and your teams have confidence in your ability to engage with your ideal prospects.

When armed with accurate business data, you can make informed decisions and keep your pipeline activity narrowed at all times. Reaching key stakeholders and integral influencers is easier than ever. With verified email addresses, direct phone numbers, and physical addresses. Implement any campaign direct to your ideal prospects, from email to snail mail.

SMART ABM, allows you to add additional accounts to your ABM focus that are actively seeking solutions like yours to yield increases in efficiency, velocity, and conversion.

We help you target accounts when they’re most interested in a solution. Our proprietary VMintent engine is specifically designed to reveal companies that are already expressing interest in a subject and engaging with content showing their increased propensity to connect.


No outsourcing and digitally driven to adhere to your specific workflows and drive on-brand engagement and opt in for increased conversion.

  • Discovery: Our in-house team begins by researching your target market to better define your Total Addressable Market (TAM).
  • Data Filtration: Upon completion and alignment of the TAM, we make certain we are using actionable data points. This ensures we are engaging with the right contacts, at the right companies, at the right time to leverage your content effectively.
  • Digital Deployment: Through our collaborative creative process, we’ll drive your ideal prospects to engage with your content via our multiple persona platforms. This increases validity and engagement by aligning on content that is relevant to your prospect’s work challenges.
  • Validation and QA: Upon completion of content engagement, our team of experts will confirm that all data points are verified, relevant, and completed in a compliant manner. This helps to enable your Sales and Marketing teams to follow up with confidence and pursue a conversation.
  • Streamlined Delivery: The T’s are crossed, the I’s dotted, now for the FUN part! Connecting the dots through delivery is as integral as the process itself. Streamlining delivery to ensure you receive the contact records in a timely manner for follow up helps increase conversion and maintain a strict focus on ROI and outcome. We use multiple methods of compliant delivery to ensure we seamlessly plug-in to your existing workflows.


Plan your work and work your plan. Your team’s understanding of how your leads are sourced along with a coordinated effort on follow up and nurture, allow for increased and accelerated conversion.

It’s paramount to collaborate and uncover optimization opportunities throughout the process. Where we go above and beyond, is our ability to work with your Sales and SDR functions to make sure the follow up fits the experience and help drive outcome.

Allow us to help you uncover the landmines in outreach strategy and make certain the experience of your ideal prospects is optimized.

In short, the right people, at the right companies, engaging with your brand, at the right time.