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Increase your Customer Experience on the path from ABM to ABX

Increase your Customer Experience on the path from ABM to ABX

How do we get from account-based marketing (ABM) to an account-based experience (ABX)?  By using intent data, B2B marketers can drive higher levels of account engagement when ABM creates an ABX.  Accurate, easy to understand information is key when creating a data-driven experience.

This strategy helps drive the message and content you’re delivering to meet the exact needs of each account.  As a result, brands can build stronger two-way communication with potential customers. This can speed up your discovery process and lead to a higher and faster customer conversion rate.

Brands can also receive account-level knowledge, which allows you the opportunity to develop an ongoing experience with customers. As you get to know your customer and expand your relationships within the client’s organization, your potential for more opportunity grows.  Your marketing strategy becomes the customer’s reality.  This is where ABM evolves into an ABX.

ABX is where the principles of data-driven engagement extend to every touchpoint of the account.  You have the opportunity to develop a stronger ongoing experience with customers by diversifying relationships within the client organization. 

How ABX Enhances ABM

Sales and marketing have always gone hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to their main drivers.  ABM started being popular about five years ago but did not focus on the “sales” arm of the Sales and Marketing strategy.  In the ABM model, the marketing team gathers the information to be shared with the sales teams so they would know where to focus sales efforts. However, it was the sales teams that had direct contact and dialogue with potential and existing customers.  ABM did not always answer the questions that brands want to know. Such as, how do we encourage customer engagement? How do we focus on our most important customers? How do we define our ideal client? 

ABX tackles this problem head-on, taking ABM to the next level.  ABX recognizes the importance of all factors in the customer relationships, both marketing and sales.  What matters is how the organization as a whole interacts with each customer throughout the entire marketing and sales journey.  

Collaboration between the marketing, sales, and customer service teams is the best formula to create an effective customer experience.  These functions must work together seamlessly to provide consistency in every interaction with each client. This is where ABX is really a game-changer.

The Journey to ABX

It is important to realize that ABX does not replace ABM; it’s more of an enhancement.  When it comes to the ABX, remember that the “X” stands for the experience the customer takes on their sales and marketing journey.