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A basic guide to how Intent Data is the future in B2B Market

A basic guide to how Intent Data is the future in B2B Market

Intent data is a collection of the behavioral patterns of users that helps you to understand the intention of your users to purchase a product. Intent data is usually collected by tracking IP addresses and cookies. However, in B2B market the intent data has a much wider scope for the sales and marketing individuals.

When it comes to B2B Market we are very well aware of how user data plays a vital role. However, using the data just for generating leads is not something an experienced marketer will do. They use the data to drive maximum outcomes.

Let’s understand this with a quick example: Your website offers a product. A buyer comes and fills in the form however lefts midway. Here what we do is retarget them via showing display ads of our product. This increases the chances of conversion.

But what we miss here is the rest of the buyer population that may be interested in a product like yours however do not land on your page. This is when the intent data comes into the picture. With a little help of intelligence, you do have knowledge of how your prospect navigates and products of their interest. Thus you can target the ones with similar interest and search patterns increasing your chances of scoring sales.

With this example we have also touched on the topic of Buyer Intent Data.

Few benefits accompanied by using Intent Data as below:

  • Being aware of prospects choices and patterns it can help improve content marketing.
  • Eased prospect hunting.
  • Can build more effective and personalized ABM campaign.
  • Increase in inbound sales with lead prioritization